Year: 2019
Clien: Certain Measures
Team: Tobias Nolte, Andrew Witt, Olivia Heung, James Yamada
Partners:  University of Technology Berlin, Einstein Center Digital Future

BBBlockchain investigates how blockchain technology can increase transparency and trust in participatory urban planning processes and encourage engagement across different project stakeholders. Working with the University of Technology Berlin and the Einstein Center Digital Future, we co-developed a platform that allows for the management of documents, voting, and publication of proposals and feedback. Participants using the app are able to browse through a color-coded blockchain ledger, each tethered to a digital receipt visualized by a serrated line unique to each transaction. By utilizing the decentralized and immutable properties of blockchains, could we enhance citizen participation and build a more inclusive process for co-creation ?

A pilot project testing the app was launched in Kietzer Feld in Köpenick. Learn more about the project at