Date: 2022
Client: Certain Measures
Team: Andrew Witt
Partners: Graphic Design by Ben Fehrman-Lee with support from the Graham Foundation, Canadian Centre for Architecture, and MIT Press

In Formulations, Certain Measures cofounder Andrew Witt examines the visual, methodological, and cultural intersections between architecture and mathematics. The linkages Witt explores involve not the mystic transcendence of numbers invoked throughout architectural history, but rather architecture's encounters with a range of calculational systems—techniques that architects inventively retooled for design. Witt offers a catalog of mid-twentieth-century practices of mathematical drawing and calculation in design that preceded and anticipated digitization as well as an account of the formal compendia that became a cultural currency shared between modern mathematicians and modern architects.

Available from MIT Press and Amazon 

Above, the Book Launch Event at New York's Center for Architecture, March 26, 2022. The launch will include presentations by the author, Andrew Witt, as well as the series graphic designer Ben Ferhman-Lee, followed by a discussion with the series editor Cynthia Davidson and interlocutors Sean Canty, Esther Choi, and Cameron Wu.