Date: 2019 - 2022
Team: Andrew Witt, Hyojin Kwon, Eunu Kim, Gavin Ruedisueli
Supporters: This project is supported by the members of the Laboratory for Design Technologies (LDT) Future of Air Travel Industry Advisors including Boeing, Clark Construction, Perkins & Will, gmp, and the Massachusetts Port Authority. 

The Geometry Lab has launched a multi-year research on the Future of Air Travel and urban air mobility. Geometry Lab researchers Hyojin Kwon, Eunu Kim, and Gavin Ruedisueli, led by Principal Investigator Andrew Witt, are focusing on creating a collection of the dimensional and spatial parameters that establish relationships between aerial transport and the city,” and the research aims to establish a “kit of parts” for the aerial city of the future.

This research effort is part of the collaborative platform Laboratory for Design Technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The Laboratory for Design Technologies (LDT) brings together a number of the school’s technology research units and a select group of industry advisors to engage in forward-thinking, imaginative research.

The Future of Air Travel is LDT’s inaugural project, launched in 2019 which aims to document, understand and respond to the complexities of contemporary aerial travel. 

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